In our fast-paced lives, reading and books are often forgotten. No one has time to sit down and read for a while. We are always on the go. And if by any chance we should ever have a minute to ourselves, we are often too tired to pick up a book. So we just turn on the TV and escape for a bit… I’m including myself here…

And that’s why I feel like it’s time we give reading another chance. 🙂 It might just surprise us. It might just surprise you. Because reading a good book can be just as relaxing as watching a good movie. And there are certainly other reasons to read more than pure relaxation. Although that isn’t a bad reason either. 🙂

So no more beating around the bush. Here are 5 reasons to read more inspired by the reasons why I love picking up a good book.

1. I read to discover new worlds.

Books can transport you to wherever it is you want to go. They might bring you to your favourite holiday destination at the beach, medieval times, the future or even to a completely new galaxy. There is no other medium, I feel, that can do this quite as good as books.

Books let you create your own worlds. The words on the page are just a suggestion. And you are the mastermind that takes these suggestions and turns them into a creative reality that only you know of. Descriptions in a book are just words on a page. It is only when you add your creativity that they turn into worlds and realities.

2. I read to make new friends.

There’s a long list of people I’ve met through books. And no, I’m not talking about actual people here. I’m talking about book characters. I’ve met people from all over the world, from many different cultures and many different time periods. They’ve let me into their worlds and shared their stories with me.

And it might sound nerdy and weird, but for a while, they became my friends. I laughed and cried with them. I let them in and our relationship grew from page to page. And whenever I pick up the book again, we meet again and our story continues.

I feel like book characters are a bit like imaginary friends. Your relationship might not be visible by others and others might think it to be fake. But whenever you are in a difficult situation, you get to ask: What should we do, Matilda? Or what shall we do, Harry? And isn’t that an amazing feeling?

3. I read to be part of something.

Books are inclusive. The stories they tell might not always be. But the books are. No matter who you are, books invite you into their world and let you part of the narrative. They rely on your imagination and creativity to bring their stories to life. Without you, books are devoid of stories. They simply consist of ink on a piece of paper. It takes a reader to bring them to life.

There are days where I really feel like books are my best friends. They take me in and make me feel important. They embrace me with their stories and let me forget everything around me for a while.

4. I read to challenge myself.

There is something about reading a book and having your world views challenged that is extremely refreshing and satisfying. It doesn’t even have to be a non-fiction book. Fiction can be challenging as well in that it introduces you to people who have beliefs that might not necessarily be your own. But in taking these beliefs and views and working with them, you might be led to change your own take on the world. Or you might not. And that’s okay too.

But isn’t it amazing to have books make you stop for a while and re-think parts of your life? Whenever that happens, I am 100% certain that I have just read a really great book. Simple as that.

5. I read to be inspired.

This one goes into a similar direction as number 4. It just goes a bit further than the challenging part.

I find it incredibly gratifying to pick up a book and immerse myself in its world for a while. Only to turn the final page and halt for a moment, letting inspiration hit.

There is more than one book that has made me stop and seriously think about a few aspects of my life or myself. It might be something small like making more time for myself and enjoying the Hygge life or something big like changing career paths. It might sound silly, but books truly have the power to change your life. You just have to let them.

Now, I have always been a big reader. So I find it hard to imagine not loving a good book. But if you are one of those people who don’t enjoy reading, why don’t you give it a second chance? It might just surprise you.

And if you already are a bookworm, and chances are that you are, then yay you! 🙂 I’m so happy for you and would be very much interested in finding out whether there are any reasons why you read that I haven’t mentioned here. Maybe there is one that I have never considered. 5 reasons to read more isn’t a lot of reasons, after all. So I’m willing to be amazed. 🙂

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    1. Oh you’re welcome 🙂 With me, my reading obsession comes and goes. I’m really happy with what I’m managing to read atm, but am sure that it will change again.

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