Christmas books are always set in magical locations, aren’t they? So far we’ve had a lot of New York with Christmas at The Little Knitting Box and Kiss Me In New York. But today we’re moving everything back to Europe and the city of love with Jenny Oliver’s The Parisian Christmas Bake Off.

I’ve been to Paris twice in my life and have loved the city both times. There is something magical about the capital of France and I have yet to find another city that is full of the French joie du vivre. Full of cosy cafés and romantic street corners, Paris reminds you that it’s okay to just enjoy life sometimes and not worry about anything.

Despite having visited Paris already, I’ve yet to experience the city at Christmas. But I can easily imagine that it must be wonderful and I must admit that I envy Rachel for having the chance to spend Christmas in Paris.

What The Parisian Christmas Bake Off is about.

As the title already suggests, the book tells the story of a british woman, Rachel, who goes to Paris over Christmas to take part in a baking competition hosted by former Michelin stared cook, Henri Salernes.

But the competition soon turns out to be about much more than just baking. During her time in Paris, Rachel is confronted by her past and it is through baking that she manages to deal with painful memories and learns to enjoy Christmas once again.

What I thought about The Parisian Christmas Bake Off.

I find it incredibly hard to write reviews of Jenny Oliver books, as I always find it very hard to find something wrong with them. It is the same with The Parisian Christmas Bake Off. Other than the fact that I wanted the romantic part to play out differently, the book is absolutely great.

There is a lot of baking, which is mouth-wateringly amazing. I could almost smell the fresh bread in the oven and the buttery croissants. It was really like the baked goods were jumping at me from out of the pages of the book. So Jenny Oliver did good, when she added a few recipes to the back of her book. I’m sure that I’ll try out one or two things.

Paris at Christmas is obviously another plus. The city is magical as it is. But throw in snow and Christmas light and you have yourself the perfect Christmas city. There are cobbled streets, sightings of the Eiffel Tower, romantic street lights and perfect snowflakes. It is books like The Parisian Christmas Bake Off that make me want to be transported into the story and creepily follow the characters around.

Now. If this were the first Jenny Oliver book I reviewed, I would at this point go off into another rambling session about how great Jenny Oliver’s writing is and how easy it is to get lost in her stories. But since it isn’t, I won’t. You’ll just have to remember it yourself. 🙂

As for the story, I think it is wonderful. It shows that Christmas is first and foremost about love and the people you surround yourself with. And it goes to show that you can do pretty much everything if you have people cheering you on and supporting you wherever they can. The Parisian Christmas Bake Off is definitely another winner from Jenny Oliver.

Would I recommend The Parisian Christmas Bake Off?

Yes. Without a doubt. Just maybe focus less on who Rachel’s going to end up with. 🙂 I think the fact that Rachel makes another appearance in The Vintage Summer Wedding and I couldn’t remember who she was with then, kind of dampened my reading experience. So just enjoy the book and don’t think too much. 🙂

This book review is part of my 2017 Blogmas series. And I would love for you to come back tomorrow and check out yesterday’s post, which was all about Christmas in New York with Catherine Rider’s YA novel Kiss Me In New York

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