Time is flying by, isn’t it? Tomorrow it’s already December 6th, which means it’s time for Saint Nick over here in Switzerland. And Switzerland is the keyword for today’s post. I adapted The Broke and The Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday prompt a bit and will give you 8 (because I couldn’t come up with 10…) bookish settings I’d like to visit on Christmas. A prompt that goes hand in hand with our travel around the world concerning settings so far.

Now. Generally, I think that Christmas is much more about the people you surround yourself with rather than the actual place your in. So I’d take my family over any perfect bookish setting every time. But. If I could combine the two, I’d definitely choose one of the following settings.

1. New York from Kiss Me In New York

I just happened to be convinced that New York must be magical. Central Park, Rockefeller Center and all the gigantic skyscrapers. I’ve seen countless movies set in New York over Christmas and have now read quite a few books set there as well. The sledging, which Charlotte and Anthony do in Central Park is definitely a huge selling point.

2. Paris from The Parisian Christmas Bake Off

Paris is magical all year round. It is full of culture and joie de vivre. But just imagine how Christmas must intensify all of that. The Eiffel Tower with its lights, the Seine glistening in the evening, walking down cobbled streets and pressing your nose against the cold window of a very French Patisserie. I’d happily join Rachel on her bike and cycle with her through snowy Paris.

3. New England from Little Women

Okay. So maybe I cheated a bit here. It’s probably more the story than the setting that made it onto this list. But maybe we have to adapt it a bit and turn New England into the March family’s home. Because I sure would love to celebrate Christmas with them, build snowmen and reenact plays in the attic.

4. Sevedstorp from Die Kinder von Bullerbü

Just imagine Sweden in winter. Snow everywhere, reindeers crossing your part and if you’re far up North maybe even the Northern lights. I’m a bit of a Sweden groupie at the moment. But that’s not the only reason Sevesdtorp made it on this list. I loved Astrid Lindgren’s books when I was growing up and Die Kinder von Bullerbü was just another series celebrating family and the simple way of life. So I’d definitely let someone kidnap me and bring me there.

5. Zurich from Die Turnachkinder

Fancy seeing you here, Zurich. But I do love my city, especially in the colder winter months. With seagulls flying over the Limmat, Christmas markets all around, the Singing Christmas tree and lots of places to drink mulled wine. That’s what Christmas time looks here now. But it used to be much simpler back in the day. And that’s what I love about Die Turnachkinder. They went on a wintery walk with their father while their mother set up the tree at home. And just like with Little Women, it’s the story that makes this place special rather than the setting itself.

6. The Christmas Wedding in Married by Christmas

Okay, okay, okay! I’m cheating again. But can you blame me? Who wouldn’t love a Christmas wedding? Just imagine the Church decorated with red bows and pine cones, a big Christmas tree somewhere in the front, everything smelling like pine tree. I mean what more could you want? So I’d gladly let anyone teleport me to Anna’s wedding.

7. Mount Polbearne from Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery

The book is set on a Cornish island, close to the mainland. It is cut off completely whenever there’s hight tide and the street to the mainland is completely flooded. The book’s main character, Polly, lives in a lighthouse overlooking the coast and the open sea. The weather is rough and there is no central heating in the lighthouse. But Polly fills the place with delicious baked goods and I can just imagine looking out to the rough seas and enjoying a hot cup of coffee. Wonderful, isn’t it?

8. London from A Christmas Carol

London had to make it onto this list somehow. I’ve only seen pictures of the city at Christmas and they look wonderful. Plus, I’m sure that London was amazing even back in the Victorian days when Scrooge was mooching around town. And the book is amazing so that certainly is another selling point.

And that’s that for now. I’m sure there are many other lovely places one could visit around Christmas and I could certainly come up with an enormous list of bookish living rooms I’d like to visit on Christmas, but I think for now that’s enough.

This post is part of my 2017 Blogmas series so make sure to come back tomorrow for more Christmas cheer. If you’re interested in the posts running up to this one, either check out my Bookish Advent Calendar post containing many links, or just make your way back from yesterday’s review of Lilly Bartlett’s Christmas at The Falling-Down Guesthouse


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    1. Oh! Little Women is definitely worth reading. I only read it about a year ago as part of a reading list on the evolution of women in English literature and I completely fell in love with it. The characters are amazing and the story is just so beautiful. So yeah. Definitely a favourite classic of mine 🙂

    1. I feel like Christmas came early. Thank you soooo much for all your comments and love! You literally have NO idea how much they mean to me. Absolutely made my day!

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