Now, this review is completely different from what I thought it was going to be. I was absolutely certain that after reading Paige Toon’s The Last Piece of my Heart, I was going to have to go into another rant about how I hate her endings, but love her books. So just imagine my surprise when I turned the last page. I was a bit speechless. Because I did not expect any of it.

What The Last Piece of my Heart is about:

The Last Piece of my Heart tells the story of travel blogger Bridget, who desperately wants to land a book deal and publish an actual book in addition to her blog. Her agent isn’t all that convinced and suggests she starts her book writing career by ghostwriting late Nicole Dupré’s second novel. A book about a woman falling in love with two guys at the same time and accepting both of their proposals. I can believe that such an ending would be unsatisfying for any reader, so Bridget agrees to write the second book and finish Nicole’s story.

To do so, she has to move to Cornwall for the summer as Nicole’s husband Charlie insisted she write the book from his house. Not really having any other plans, Bridget sets up camp in her father’s camper van and starts reading through Nicole’s diaries and research in order to get an idea of where she wanted the book to go.

Spending so much time in Charlie’s house, she naturally gets to know him and his daughter April better and better. They go on little outings to the beach and before she knows it, Bridget is practically part of this little family.

The only problem is that she also has to work on her own blog, which currently consists of her traveling all over the world to hunt down her ex-boyfriends. An idea her current boyfriend Elliot had. Because fact is that Bridget has this theory about not being able to love fully until she has all the pieces of her heart back. Pieces that her ex-boyfriends have. So she meets up with all twelve of them and demands the pieces back.

So as the story evolves, we follow Bridget’s journey down memory lane and get to witness her growing up and realizing a thing or two.

What I thought about The Last Piece of my Heart:

First of all, let me say that I was completely sure I was going to hate The Last Piece of my Heart. And I was prepared to write an open letter to Paige Toon asking her why all her books have such unsatisfying endings. 🙂 Sorry Paige Toon. 🙂 But turns out, I don’t have to because I loved the ending! I still can’t quite believe that the book actually ended the way it did. I mean who would have thought!

But since I don’t want to give the ending away, I will focus on other things here. You can head over to my twitter if you want to talk about it some more. I’d be delighted! 🙂

What I really enjoyed about The Last Piece of my Heart is the overall theme. Which blogger doesn’t secretly wish to one day publish an actual book? I certainly do. Plus, I’ve also recently joined NaNoWriMo so the whole doing book research and coming up with story lines hit right home.

It is beautiful to witness how Bridget’s relationship with Charlie and April evolves the longer she stays in Cornwall. Soon the book is no longer about writing a dead women’s sequel, but about family and friendship. We see how Bridget opens her heart to April after swearing that she’d never want children and how Charlie overcomes his grief and learns to love and live again.

There were, however, also a few things I didn’t really enjoy about the book. One of them being the first person narrator. I don’t know why, but I always find it much harder to get into a book when it’s written in first person. Something about it making the main character feel more selfish and self-centered. It doesn’t really make sense. But every other sentence starting with “I” just makes my book heart break a little. Could be that that’s just a personal tick of mine, tough. Or does anyone else have that?

One other thing that I had a bit of a problem with was Bridget’s blog. It just sounds a bit…um…cheesy? And wrong. 🙂 First of all, and I feel bad for belonging to Bridget’s haters here, 12 boyfriends makes about a boyfriend a year, doesn’t it? It just seems like a lot…? And then there’s the whole piece of my heart theory. I have to say that I’m on Charlie’s side here. I don’t think that having loved in the past means that you cannot love fully again. Take a mother for example. It’s not like having another child means that she loves the first born any less. It just means that her heart somehow expands and the love multiplies. (And now I sound cheesy…).

But I do believe that at the end of the book, Bridget realizes that too. Or at least I hope she does. Because her turning up at her ex-boyfriend’s doors and literally demanding the piece of her heart back just made me laugh and cringe a bit.


Would I recommend The Last Piece of my Heart?

  • Yes. If you aren’t put off by a first person narrator.
  • Yes. If you are a Paige Toon fan and desperately need a happy ending.
  • No. If you are a bit put off by the main character chasing her ex-boyfriends. But then again, we are all flawed so maybe this makes Bridget more lovable?


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There are quite a few more and after The Last Piece of my Heart I might just be tempted to do some catching up.

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