ive-got-your-numberWhen Poppy loses her big engagement ring AND her phone on the same day, she is positive that her life is over. Okay. Maybe not over, but pretty much screwed up. Her fiancé’s parents, who don’t like her very much as it is, will certainly be done with her and her fiancé Magnus will probably not be too thrilled either given that the ring had been in his family for generations.

The book basically starts out with one big old tragedy :).

Things take a turn for the better, however,  when she finds a perfectly good phone in a nearby bin. The only problem is that its old owner’s boss wants it back, claiming it being company property and so on. But Poppy doesn’t give up that easily and they decide to share the phone until her ring is back. Turns out tough that sharing a phone is a lot more complicated and personal than they thought in the beginning. So all of this might end in disaster after all…

If you have ever read one of Sophie Kinsella’s books, you are familiar with her bubbly, clumsy, at time naïve but through and through lovely and kind-hearted characters. Poppy is the typical girl next door who has many good ideas but doesn’t quite believe in herself and her own voice. She spends most of her time pleasing others and is always afraid that she might upset someone. So rather than following her own dreams and listening to that little voice inside of her telling her that she deserves better, she spends the majority of her time worrying about her fiancé’s parents and what they might think of her. She feels inferior to so many people even though she has absolutely no reason to.

Maybe it is this character trait of Poppy or maybe it is the story, but whatever the reason, I find myself coming back to this book over and over again and it never ceases to entertain me. I love Sophie Kinsella’s writing style, although it can take some getting used to. Because just like her characters, her writing is a bit all over the place. So if your last book was a classic or something rather serious, I suggest you get yourself in the right mindset at first. Because I know from my mother and my best friend that Kinsella’s writing style can be a bit overwhelming at the beginning. But once you get used to it, it is absolutely amazing. It takes you to a whole different world even if it’s just for a few hours. It makes you laugh and it just gives you this warm fuzzy feeling that a good book is supposed to give you.

I’m sure that I have read I’ve Got Your Number at least three times and I am also positive that it won’t stay at that. If only because I have never paid attention to the footnotes at the bottom of every page. And according to my bestie, those footnotes are a must. So I will go back to this book and let you know what I thought about them. Because in the past I wasn’t quite convinced I would like them. They seem to interrupt the flow of the read. But if they are as funny as my bestie says, I will have to read them at one point… J

Footnotes aside, I can absolutely and completely recommend this book. It is perfect for a night in front of the fire with a hot cup of chocolate and a cuddly blanket. I promise that it will make you laugh and that you will wish for just a few more pages at thchick-lit-10sophie-kinsellae end of the book. Because let’s be honest: good books always end to soon!

So scurry on and get yourself a copy. Read the book in one sitting and then head back over here and let me know what you thought about it because I am dying to discuss it with you :). Oh and please let me know what you think about footnotes? Can they be of value or do they disrupt your reading experience? I would love to read what you’re take is on them.

Oh and maybe you even have some book suggestions? Because I love a good internet/email/phone romance :). Something about the anonymity of it all that fascinates me. So please let me know!!

Your comments mean the world to me as I love talking to you about the things that are dear to me. So please fire away!

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