Back on the E4 after leaving Norrfällsviken, we definitely realized that our Sweden Road Trip was coming to an end and we were slowly but surely approaching the more densely populated part of Sweden.

But before I get stuck into what we did on the last three days before our final stop in Stockholm, I want to quickly remind you that this is already part 4 of my Swedish mini-series. So if you’d like to read up on what happened so far, you can easily do so by clicking on one of the links below.

And now that’s said and done, let’s get started!

Day 11

Route: Norrfällsviken to Njurunda


  • Högakustenbron is a suspension bridge over the river Ångermanälven. It is 1,867 meter long and, according to Wikipedia the fourth longest suspension bridge in Europe. There is a stop before you cross the bridge which is perfect if you want to take pictures. It is quite impressive that it is possible for mankind to build a four-lane bridge for cars to speed over a river.
  • I will forever be grateful that our travel guide had a tiny section dedicated to the Smitigen Naturreservat. I truly felt like a child again. We parked our car in the parking lot right by the beach and set off on our little hike. At the beginning the path was fairly even and easy accessible, but the longer we walked, the more climbing we had to do. In the end we were like little capricorns jumping over cliffs. But the view was amazing and we were pretty much alone.
  • Driving back from Smitigen Naturreservat, the skyline of Härnösand was beautiful. If you have time, definitely take a stop and walk the streets of the city.


Campground: Bergafjärdens Camping:

It was already pretty late when we finally made it to Bergafjärdens Camping. There weren’t many campgrounds around and driving to Njurunda was a bit of a shot in the dark. But our „risk“ paid off. We had a pitch right at the sea which included a stunning view and the unmistakable smell of stale water. But we soon got used to it and the location definitely made up for everything. There is a restaurant and a little café on the campground as well as a miniature golf site and a little store. Unfortunately the milk we bought was already off, but these things happen. The facilities were good, but a bit pricy. All in all, however, it was a beautiful campground and I could definitely imagine staying there again sometime.

Sweden Road Trip

Day 12

Route: Njurunda to Skutskär


  • Day 12 was a rainy day and so we decided to spend it in the car. We drove to Alfta and from there followed the signs along the scenic route to visit or at least look at the decorated farmhouses in Hälsingland, another Swedish attraction on the UNESCO World Heritage List. All farmhouses are beautifully decorated with different paintings and ornaments. Most of them are still occupied and therefore not open for visitors. If you want to step through the doors of one of these beautiful buildings, I suggest you stop at the visitor center in Alfta. There is also a little museum if you are interested in more information. And if you want to buy a pretty souvenir, definitely bring your wallet. There are many gems to be bought in the little shop.
  • Due to the rain and our decision to stay in the car, we then decided to drive down RV 272 which turned out to be a very good decision. Even tough it was raining, the scenery was breath-taking and we were once more surrounded by untouched nature.

Hälsingsland, Sweden Road Trip

Campground: Rullsand Havsbad och Camping

Rullsand Camping was another shot in the dark that paid off. The facilities were spacious and clean. There was a kitchen with a big refrigerator and a restaurant with live music which made for a nice background sound. But the best thing about the campground was what we discovered when we woke up the next day. Just a few meters away was a beautiful sandy beach. It was a bit crowded as the water is very shallow and thus perfect for kids to play in, but we still found a little place to spread out our picnic and eat breakfast.

Rullsand, Sweden Road Trip

Day 13

Route: Skutskär to Stockholm


  • On a whim, we decided to follow a sign pointing us to the direction of Gamla Uppsala. We ended up at the Gamla Uppsala church and spied on two wedding parties. 🙂 From there we wandered around and climbed one of the mounds serving as a grave for ancient Swedish kings. If you are interested in ancient times and mythology, I would definitely recommend stopping here as there is also a museum and the ruins of Uppsala’s first cathedral from the 12th century.
  • Leaving Gamla Uppsala, we started our drive into Stockholm. But before we reached the capital, we decided to have lunch in the Kungsham Morga Naturreservat. We parked our car in a parking lot right beside the road and walked for about 15 minutes until we reached the lake. There were people boating and fishing and swimming. It was an altogether peaceful atmosphere and the perfect ending to our nature trip.


Campground: Bredäng Camping

Now this campground was nothing special and we chose it primarily because of its location. It was pretty crowded and the ground was that hard that we had to borrow a hammer to set up tent. 🙂 The facilities weren’t that good either and it was pretty much impossible to book a time to do laundry. But! The campground is only 700 meters away from the next underground station and from there it is only a short ride into Stockholm. So location was the only thing that really mattered there. And I don’t think we could’ve done any better when it comes to that and the price of the campground compared to a hotel in the city.

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