I don’t really want to write this post because it’ll mean that our Sweden adventure is definitely over. I’ve been having so much fun re-visiting all the cool places we’ve seen on our Sweden Road Trip and it’s sad to admit to myself that it is over. BUT! We’ve had an amazing time, so let’s end this mini-series in style. 🙂

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Day 14: Drottingholm Palace

We took our Avis rental car to drive to the palace. And despite our satnav, we managed to miss the right exit twice. Me and my poor navigation skills. 🙂 We got there in the end, tough.

Since we didn’t park our car in the main parking lot right by the palace, we had to walk through the park first, which was an absolute blast. The park is beautiful and walking along the paths underneath the trees, it was easy to imagine royalty strolling around the park back in time.

And then there’s the view of the palace. Quite amazing, let me tell you. I’m not much of a overly decorated palace kind of girl, which is why I loved Drottingholm Palace as much as I did. The facade of the palace is simple, but beautiful and doesn’t take away from the majestic feel of the building.

Once inside, we bought a combo ticket for Drottingholm Palace and the Chinese Pavillon and had a mooch around the rooms open for public. There was also a possibility to do a guided tour, but we’d missed the slot and didn’t feel like waiting. There is a lot of information available to non-guided-tour guests too, so we didn’t feel like we missed much.

The rooms that we saw were beautiful and I especially loved the painting on the ceiling of one of the hallways. It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?

After visiting the palace, we strolled back through the park to look at the Chinese Pavillon. It was rather small (it’s a pavillon after all…), but again, I was fascinated by the colour scheme. Something that came as a bit of a surprise to me because I’m normally not someone who’s overly fond of Asian architecture. 🙂

All in all, Drottingholm Palace was beautiful and we stayed in the park for quite a while afterwards, just enjoying the nice weather and doing some people watching. I was, however, a bit disappointed by the number of rooms that were open for visitors. We only saw a small handful of rooms and I would’ve loved to get a bit more of an insight.

Day 15: Stockholm City

I only have one tip, really. Always check your camera’s battery before you go sightseeing… We didn’t. And it sucked.

But apart from that, we had a wonderful day in Stockholm. The few hours we spent there were great to get an idea of what the city is like, so we’d already have a bit of an overview should we ever come back.


I would definitely recommend starting your city tour at Skinnarsvikspark. Climb up the hill and you’re gratified by an amazing view over the city. We had lunch up there and just enjoyed the view.

Gamla Stan

The old part of Stockholm is beautiful. It isn’t all that big so you can easily walk around without consulting a map all the time. There are many cute shops and restaurants in the  little streets. Just prepare for a lot of people if you’re traveling during the summer months.

We managed to see the guards change at The Royal Palace which was quite fun to watch. And also a bit silly. But hey, that’s sightseeing. 🙂 The Palace itself was being renovated and didn’t make for all that much of a nice view. At least not from the back. If you want, you can also buy tickets and see the inside of the Palace. Might be interesting to compare with Drottingholm Palace.

Boat Tour

Definitely do a boat tour! Stockholm is scattered over 14 islands so the best way to get an overview is definitely by boat. We did a 2 hour tour and for me that was the highlight of the day.

It took us past Gamla Stan again and then all the way to the newer parts of Stockholm. For me it was quite fascinating to see the different parts of the city and appreciate their different characters.

Sweden Road Trip, Stockholm

Days 16/17: Tullgarns Slott and Rosersberg Slott

We kind of stumbled upon these castles by accident. Too very pretty accidents tough. The castles are both beautifully situated by the water and surrounded by parks which are open to the public. The perfect place for a picnic in the shade and a few peaceful moments to read your favourite book.

There are also tours available in both castles. However, there is only one English tour a day, so I recommend you check the times before you leave. We just missed them both times.

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