“As I go to close the door behind us, I look up at the sky. A crack of lightning cuts a swath through the murky heavens. If my mother were here, she’d pat my hand and tell me there would be another sky. I’d tell her I like this one, storm clouds and all.” 
lovely cover, right? 
When my friend suggested I read The Life List by Lori Nelson Spielman, I was in the middle of my exam preparation period. But that has never stopped me from ordering a book, which is exactly what I did about two weeks ago. Hoping that it would arrive once my exams are over. Which, obviously, it didn’t. It arrived just the afternoon before my huge huge HUGE exam. Lovely, right? 🙂 I hesitated about 5 minutes until my curiousity got the best of me and I decided to take a short break from studying. Like short. You know. 30 minutes maximum. Well, yeah… It turned into an evening of reading and when I finally went to bed at 2am I was tired but over the moon because the book is bloody amazing!
Brett seems to have it all; a nice job at her mother’s perfume company, the perfect successful boyfriend and the right loft to go along with it. Everything seems to be the way she wants it to be. So, when her mother dies of cancer, Brett is sitting in her mother’s lawyer’s office, waiting for him to announce that her mother has passed her company on to her only daughter. But it doesn’t happen. After giving her brothers their fair share of the inheritance the lawyer turns to her and it turns out that the only thing her mother has left her is a thrown-away life list that Brett has written when she was fourteen. 
1. Have a baby, maybe two
6. Get a dog
14. Buy a horse
17. Fall in love
20. Be an awesome teacher!

Most of these things are typical for a teenage girl dreaming about her future. But they are no longer valid for a grown up woman. So, when Brett learns that she has to complete the entire list within a year in order to get her share of the inheritance in the end, she is everything but happy. How do you fall in love and have a baby within a year? Why should you buy a horse and a dog? And why should she give teaching another shot when she clearly is no good at it? 
The book follows Brett through this year on her journey down her life list. And it seems like nothing turns out the way you would expect it to do, which is exactly why I love this book so much. It never gets boring and you don’t know how it will turn out up until the last few pages of the book. Plus, it really has got a message. A message about daring to dream and to follow one’s heart even if everyone else thinks your nuts. 
Brett is such a lovely woman with a heart of gold. But she seems completely lost, which is why I could relate to her the way I did and why I’m sure many of you will like the book as well. Because don’t we all know the feeling of wondering whether or not we are doing the right thing? I’m sure all of us had dreams when we were little. Dreams that we lost along the way. Be it because we were too busy doing other things or because they seemed too ridiculous or simply because we forgot that we even had them at one point. And if we do forget them, let’s hope that we have people around us who make us remember all the things we once wanted. Sure, we don’t really know anything as teenagers and the world seems to be this big huge place where everything is possible. And sure, looking back, trusting ourselves on the dreams we made when we were fourteen seems awfully silly. But why? The older we get the more we see of the world and the more we notice all the things that are wrong. We notice all the broken dreams and broken people. All the hope that evaporated into thin air. The world is no longer a stage where we can perform however we want to. It is no longer a blank canvas for us to paint on. Because the more we see of the world the more we start questioning everything and the more we start making fun of that little girl or little boy in us that once dared to dream big. 
But I still believe that dreaming big is what living is all about. Aim high. Aim for the impossible and work everyday to get a step closer to your goal. Why not think about what you wanted when you were fourteen? Why not look for that little person inside of you who still knows how to dream? Maybe you can’t do it on your own. Maybe looking for her is too hard. If that’s what it is, then go and pick up The Life List by Lori Nelson Spielman and let her help you find her. She sure helped me find my little me. And what she also helped me do or encouraged me to do, was to write my own life list. Write everything down on a small piece of paper and put it somewhere where I won’t lose it. Because there might come a point in my life where I won’t remember anymore and I want this short list to help me do exactly that. Remember. 
So, thank you Lori Nelson Spielman for writing such an amazing book and for giving it to us. I loved every single page of it and I hope that all of you guys will love it too! And if you have a life list of your own, why not share a part of it with us? 🙂

Your comments mean the world to me as I love talking to you about the things that are dear to me. So please fire away!

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