Okay. So this is what has happened today. I got up at around seven, bought the ebook version of Lucy Robinson’s new book (although I’ve already pre-ordered the hard copy but who cares xD) and went straight back to bed. I managed to eat something in between and get out of bed at one point, but that’s about all that I did beside reading this utterly amazing and brilliant book. 
I’ve been reading waaaaaaay too much chick lit in the past few weeks (months, to be honest!) and while most of those books were readable and enjoyable they are absolutely nothing compared with Lucy Robinson’s Unfinished Symphony. It’s really all you want a book to be. Funny, witty, emotional, deep, silly, entertaining and just a pleasure to read. I was laughing at the silliest sex scene I’ve ever read (if you can call it that xD) and crying along with the characters. Experiencing their joy and loss. And isn’t that all a good book should do? 
I really wish there was a way for me to put into words HOW much I enjoyed reading that book. I could start all over again right now. After putting it down, I went to get something to drink and close the window because it is freaking boiling outside. And while I seemed calm on the outside my head was spinning in circles, rambling on and on about how I am ever going to write a review that does this book justice! Those of you who have read some of my other posts might be familiar with my obsession with Lucy Robinson and her books. (And again, I sound like a crazy stalker xD). I was soooo looking forward to this book, and when I learned that the ebook would be released early, I was over the moon. But sadly, I’ve learned from the past that usually when you are too excited about something, it is very likely that you will be disappointed in the end. Because how can reality ever measure up to your fantasies? And honestly, when I started reading I was scared that would be exactly what was going to happen. But luckily it didn’t. And how it didn’t!
Enough of the rambling. Let’s get down to business 🙂 Since the book was just released today and there are probably still a million people out there who haven’t read it yet, I’m not going to spill too much here.  Just a very, very short overview. 
Sally has grown up in a family unable to show love and affection. A family experiencing loss and pain and never really knowing how to deal with it. From a young age on she had learned to care for others and make sure that everybody around her is fine, whilst never really caring for what she wanted and what was good for her. Eventually, she moved to London and started working as a wardrobe mistress at the Royal Opera House. And all this time no one really knew that she was an amazing opera singer herself. An opera singer who could only sing in the safety of her wardrobe. 
Whilst in New York with a group of friends, she meets the man of her dreams. Julian Bell. He is funny, messed up, all over the place, lovely and obviously extremely sexy. They fall in love head over heals, but everything soon starts falling apart. And when Sally flies back to London a few months later nothing is what it was before. 
The book follows Sally through all the experiences that will finally change her life and especially her for good. We feel with her, laugh with her and cry with her, as she learns to cherish the brave and strong woman she is. It jumps back and forth between the present and the past and contains emails and letters. To me it is just absolutely brilliant. The characters are so real and alive that it feels like you’ve known them all your life and like you’re going to meet up with them right after you’ve finished reading your book. They are silly and imperfect. They make more mistakes than any perfect book character should ever make, but they are so lovely and real that you just gotta love them. 
To me The Unfinished Symphony of You and Me is a book about finding the strength that lies within you. It is about experiencing life with all its complications and obstacles and yet never giving up. It is about overcoming your fears and never giving up on yourself. I can see now very clearly why Lucy Robinson is proud of this book. She very well should be because it is amazing. I so cannot wait until my best friend and my mom have read the book as well and I can dance around the living room with them and shout at the top of my voice that I’m in love with that book. And I didn’t think that it could get any better after A Passionate Love Affair With A Total Stranger but I believe it just did. Although, to be honest, I can’t decide which one of the two is better. They are both just incredible, so let’s settle for a tie 🙂
But enough already. You shouldn’t be reading this review, you should be reading the book itself. And while you do that I’m going to sit down and try to let it sink in. Oh, and once you’ve read it, why not tell me what you loved most about the book? I really need someone to discuss this awesomeness with 🙂 

Your comments mean the world to me as I love talking to you about the things that are dear to me. So please fire away!

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