Welcome back 🙂 I’m really enjoying this new posting schedule of mine and can only hope that you appreciate it too. As it is Saturday today, I have another little book review for you. I read The Good Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Even a little while ago, but never came around to reviewing it. We’re going to change that now. 🙂

The Good Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Even was the first Anna Bell book that I’ve ever read and one of those that I’ve been eying at the bookstore for quite a while. The cover looks so fresh, girly and light. Just the perfect summer read, right? Plus there was the blurb which also sounded really promising. A girl trying to get back at her sports obsessed boyfriend should make for a interesting and funny read. And it did. In some passages.

In a nutshell, The Good Girlfriend’s Guide to Getting Even is about Lexi who lives together with her boyfriend Will. They’ve been dating for seven years and despite her mother’s constant pushing, Will hasn’t shown any interest in putting a ring on Lexi’s finger. Instead his entire life revolves around sports in a way that makes it impossible for them to really go on dates or do anything spontaneous and romantic. When Will misses Lexi’s best friend’s wedding due to the flu, which turns out to be a football match, Lexi finally has enough and decide to get back at him. So she plans all these different things to make him miss his games all ending with her preventing him from going to an important cricket match on their holiday to Barbados. And it turns out that if you take sports out of the picture, they actually have a pretty good relationship. The only thing that could ruin everything would really only be if Will found out about Lexi’s scheming and blogging.

The book takes a turn in the end and if you’re really not good at picking up hints, you might be surprised. Sadly, I wasn’t. It only took me about 10 pages to know exactly what was going to happen in the end. And all of that makes it obsolete really to read the entire book. Now if you don’t know what’s going to happen in the end, I can imagine that it would be quite a fun read. The book is nicely written and the characters are relatable. All in all a good book. But there were just some things that bugged me about it.

There is for one the fact that Lexi goes to great lengths to make sure that Will misses his game. And for me, after turning up the volume on the radio to make him hear the results of a recorded sport’s event and maybe making him miss a game it would’ve been enough. After that it all gets a bit over the top which made Lexi a harder to relate to for me. Right from the beginning I quite liked Will so it was hard for me to understand why she had to do such extreme things. Also in the end when all blows up, she keeps mainly blaming Will for the entire thing which I just don’t agree with. I think that she’s a bit of a bitch at times. Something that’s never good in a light read. You always want to be able to relate to the main character, don’t you?

Also there is this guy at her workplace who apparently is really fit. She flirts with him all the time but he is always really nice about it, because she has a boyfriend, doesn’t she? At first, I didn’t really get why he had to be in the story because he didn’t really bring anything to it. He was just this fit bloke from her work that she fancied but would never do anything about it. In the end, of course, I knew why he had to be there. Turns out that he is going to kiss her after the big blow up and turn really mean when she doesn’t return his feelings. Now, I get that a story can need a second guy, but why did he have to turn mean within two sentences? It’s just not really realistic…

So my first reaction upon reading it was “meh”. It isn’t a bad book. I read through it quickly and there were some funny and witty passages. But I was also disappointed and not really convinced.

Yep. That’s it. I will see you again for another cheeky bookish post next Saturday. If you are looking for a bit of reading inspiration to get you there, why not check out Wednesday’s review of the Cherry Pie Island books by Jenny Oliver?

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