You guys cannot imagine how glad I am that I didn’t give up on Sophie Kinsella after reading My Not So Perfect Life which let me down a bit. And I have no idea why I haven’t read Twenties Girl earlier given that it has been out since freaking 2009!!

Lara Lington lives in London, as they all do. 🙂 She is your normal twenty something girl struggling with her daily life and obsessing over her ex-boyfriend Josh who had to change his number because she wouldn’t stop texting him. Normal, right? 🙂

However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she is visited by the ghost of her late Great Aunt Sadie. Thinking she is going completely mad, Lara tries to ignore twenty-three years old Sadie’s request to go and find her necklace. But ignoring a stubborn and very loud ghost proves to be impossible, so Lara finally gives in and starts the search for the lost necklace. The things the two women discover on their journey are very different to what they had in mind and that is really, really REALLY exciting for the readers because they can play detective along with them and try to solve the mystery – that is Sadie – themselves.

From the moment the two women meet, there is something special about the dynamic they have. As the story evolves the relationship and friendship they share deepens and what we are ultimately left with is a story about two women from very different time periods who become best friends and support each other in more ways than they think possible. They both discover things about themselves that they didn’t know they had in them and they both grow as women because of each other.

I feel like Twenties Girl isn’t your typical girl meets boy, boy doesn’t fancy girl, girl does something stupid, boy wants girl after all story. This is so much more than a love story. And at this point I could go off on another rant about contemporary women’s fiction and why so many people view it as less valuable than any of the other great literary genres there are. But I won’t. For now. 🙂

Twenties Girl is a story about two women finding their places in life. It is about lost love. About being hung up on a person and having to learn to let go. It is about having a question and waiting for an answer an entire life. It is about questioning things and not taking everything at face value. But more than anything it is about believing in who you are and following your gut instincts.

If you would’ve told me yesterday that I would absolutely enjoy reading a story about a ghost without feeling weirded out or laughing at the impossibility of it all, I would have never believed you. Yet here I am, cuddled into a warm blanket, not believing that I haven’t read this book earlier. Sadie is such a quirky and strong willed ghost that it is hard to believe that she isn’t real. Her view on things and her determination to not let anybody else’s opinion keep her from living her life is infectious and makes for many hilarious scenes. What is more, Lara and Sadie are the perfect team. They are the perfect female friendship. Supporting each other and quarreling with each other, but always having each other’s best interests in mind.

So quite frankly, this is a brilliant book with all the features that I love so much about Sophie Kinsella’s writing. For me it was the perfect book to read after My Not So Perfect Life to remind me exactly why I adore her so much. And I’m really looking forward to many more Sophie Kinsella books. And who knows, maybe there’ll be another ghost. And I promise that this time I won’t even think twice about picking it up and reading it. I’ll just do it. And so will you. You might not see her, but Sadie is currently yelling into your ear to go and pick up the book and you know you can’t resist her! 🙂

Your comments mean the world to me as I love talking to you about the things that are dear to me. So please fire away!

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